Confession of A Black Belt Marketer…

grandmaster-theGrown-man Confession:

When I first joined martial arts when I was 18, I really joined to learn how to kick-ass…

…I fantasized about getting into fights and proving my might.

…winning the day, defending a girl’s honor, helping the weak, or protecting the innocent.

(I guess it was all the comic books I had read )

And I trained. Hard.

Every day, 4 to 6 hours each day.

And i progressed rapidly through the ranks.

From white belt to yellow in just 3 weeks. From yellow to blue in a few more, then to green in just another 6.

It was at this time (roughly 90 days in) that my self confidence was starting to inflate my ego.

– I was in the best shape I had ever been,

– I was regarded by my instructors as one of the most skilled “lower belts” the system had,

– and in sparring I was contending with hard-nosed black belts with relative ease.

This is where the confession comes in…

You see…

…me and A friend (who started the training the same time as I did) decided we wanted to test our new skillz in a real street fight…

(something i used to get into a lot more when I was younger)

…so we decided to go to the local coffee shops where all the preppys, who we despised, hung out.

…We would walk by a young couple’s table and blatantly/obviously stare at the girls to try to rial the guys into a confrontation.

(Awful, right?)

…But the guys would never even look at us.

After a few times of this we realized, the guys might be intimidated by the two of us and only one of them.

So we split up and repeated the process.

Still, nothing. Not 1 fight.

We then decided, lets approach a group of guys because they will surely be more aggressive and want to take us down.

(Even then I had a testers mentality

Repeatedly attempted this and NEVER created a confrontation.

Of course this fed our egos even more.

And ultimately concluded we must be hot shit, and the guys can smell our “badassness”, thus not daring to engage us or risk facing a humiliating defeat.

And so, we strutted off.

*strut* *strut*

So here’s the interesting part.

I continued to work hard in martial arts, I trained daily for 6 hours a day and I soon advanced to brown belt.

(A 12 month minimum belt level to start testing into black belt.)

And as I started to learn these new advanced techniques, I had a realization.

Something that scared me out of my mind as I progressed.

Here’s how it happened…

I sparred a new guy that had been progressing through the ranks (a preppy by chance).

Much bigger then me and very strong.

He wanted to test his knowledge with me and he asked if we could go near full speed during our round.

I gingerly agreed.

We sparred.

I knocked the air out of him, swept him to the ground and pinned him with relative ease.

But when I looked in his eyes…

…I saw it for the first time.

He wasn’t fighting me. He was fighting something inside himself.

And he had lost.

This is when I realized that my inner weakness, my anger, my resentment, my fear that had built up from…

…being picked on, laughed at, even abused as a kid…

…all MY insecurities.

…if I let that seek revenge through the new set of skills I had acquired (taken).

I could really hurt someone.

I mean hospitalize or even kill someone with what I knew.

I freaked out.

Every ridiculous fight I tried to get into rushed back to me…

…and I couldn’t help but feel like I almost hit someone with my vehicle through negligence.

I was relieved I hadn’t hurt anyone, but I was embarrassed/ ashamed of what I had tried to do.

Here’s the bottom line:

As a young man I sought power.

Power to right the “wrongs” of my life.

To develop a strength that would ensure I was never a victim again.

And what I found was a strength to do those things through martial arts.

Not because I could “crush my enemies”…

truthfully, I was never as good a fighter i could be, until I stopped seeking to conquer the external world of injustices…

…but sought first to conquer weaknesses in my “self”.

In the end…

…we can not truly become a master in our world, till we master our inner self.

I hope it helps.

Action from today’s lesson:

What are you still battling from your past?

Is it still relevant?

Is it still valid?

Is it an external fantasy or an internal reality?


Greg Gomez III


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5 Responses to Confession of A Black Belt Marketer…

  1. Chris Schilke December 30, 2013 at 4:31 pm #

    Your story is awesome. Mine, well I used to battle with low self esteem until I went to college at the age of forty for two years and stayed on the Dean’s list. Not as impressive as your accomplishments but it proved to me that I wasn’t stupid after all. I occasionally fight that feeling when I screw up, but I have much greater confidence in myself now as an adult than I ever have. I look forward to utilizing your resources more fully in the very near future. (currently working around a temporary lack of funds problem) .

  2. Semir Berhanu December 24, 2013 at 6:27 pm #

    Dear Greg,

    Thanks for this email. I have been reading some of your e mails occassionaly. I liked this one very much. It is not about the Karate or the fight, it is about the reasoning. Why we do. what we do? I once heard one of my mentors mentioning that (Take what\’s in us to control what\’s around us, not what is around us to control what is in us) I was really facinated by that. The true power is inside of us.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom and have a wonderful holidays.

  3. Paul Michael December 10, 2013 at 11:05 am #

    I am still battling failure from other mlm failures. Before retiring, I had good success in two different direct sales companies. I do not understand why my Ameriplan business is not growing.

  4. Allan November 28, 2013 at 8:20 am #

    I do wing chun kung fu and can relate to what you are saying. I have gotten into near fights and when they see i am getting ready to fight they back off.

  5. Gail Gentry November 25, 2013 at 5:42 pm #

    Very deep. A lot to think about. Conquering your inner self is the real problem. We all have deep, dark secrets that create a problem trying to concerning our inner self.

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