An Unbiased 3rd Party Review of Avon

*knock, knock*          “Who’s There?”          “Avon Calling!”

Avon was born from an idea of a traveling book salesman in 1886.   Through the course of his business travels, he discovered two things.  First, women were more interested in the perfume samples he used as a “door opener” rather than his books, and second, there were a lot of women at home that were struggling to make ends meet.  David H. McConnell began Avon as The California Perfume Company, using a direct sales approach.  In the early ’90’s Avon adopted an MLM structure, allowing representatives to earn money, not only through sales, but also through the recruitment and training of others.  What began as a perfumes sales business has grown to encompass jewelry, clothing, toys, hygiene products, and of course, cosmetics!

There are two ways to earn an income through Avon.

The first is to become a representative and earn sales generated commissions.  They begin at 10%, and can increase up to 50%.  This income is derived from the direct sales approach, through the catalog sales, and purchased inventory sales.  With Avon being such a popular MLM, the market is pretty saturated with reps in most areas!  You’ll have to learn how to sell, not only the product, but yourself, as well.    The other income opportunity with Avon is to earn leadership commissions from your team’s sales, ie, grow your down line and coach them!

Many new Avon reps haven’t ever owned their own businesses prior to beginning an Avon campaign.  New recruits have access to a team leader that coaches them through building their business, however, often times in many different MLM’s, this system fails.  Your up line doesn’t always provide you with the best education, even if the company offers all the right tools.  In order to ensure your success at ANY business, you should take responsibility for your own education. 

The Pros & Cons of Avon

Avon’s annual revenues average nearly 10 billion dollars, with each year out-earning the prior, proving legitimacy and potential for earnings, however…

Your cut of that completely depends on your level of commitment, knowledge, and ability, and remember, the market is pretty well saturated, which means that you are going to HAVE to be at the top of your game to reach that top income.  It will take a lot of effort and focus of your marketing abilities!

It can be extremely cheap to start up your own Avon business, costing an enrollment fee of $10-$20, but…

Your samples and inventory are a separate cost entirely, and new business materials are required for each new campaign.  Not to mention advertising, business cards, etc.

Basically, if you learn your stuff as a marketer and salesperson, there is an opportunity to earn with Avon.  As with most life endeavors, it will take a lot of work, and at least a little money!  It always comes down to you.  How much of yourself are you willing to give as an investment?  How much are you willing to invest in yourself to ensure your success?

As always, I suggest that you make sure you’re passionate about the industry you choose to work with, because things aren’t going to always be smooth sailing!  There are going to be rough patches, and without the appropriate level of passion for the job, it’s awfully hard to stick through the bad times!

Regardless of how great the products or services are, or how great the camaraderie and leadership is, or how much potential the market has for growth; you’ll never reach 7 figure success without the proper training and know how on these 3 critical elements:

The 3 Fundamental Keys You Are Going To Need  In Order To Succeed With Avon!

(or any other company, for that matter!)

This short video will explain what those 3 elements are and how you can ensure you don’t risk a single nickel of your hard earned money.


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