Tupperware! A Review

EVERYONE knows Tupperware, right?

Take a look at the MLM from the other side of your That’s A Bowl!

Tupperware came on the scene all the way back in 1946, when DuPont chemist, Earl Tupper realized that polyethylene plastic had a variety of uses.  Besides being long-lasting, it was attractive!

Tupperware began as a retail product, available in stores, but being a new and unfamiliar, failed to take off in the standard retail market.  Tupper realized that Stanley Home Products was moving their products with ease through home sales, and Brownie Wise, former Stanley Home Products rep, teamed with Tupper to develop tht party plan system that Turned Tupperware into iconic MLM that it is today.

Tupper sold his company in 1958 to Rexall, which later evolved into Dart Industries in the late ’70’s.  Dart’s assets became Premark International in 1996, later pushing out Tupperware Brands.  Tupperware, today, is found in almost 100 countries across the globe, and they boast a sales force of over 2 million reps strong.

Tupperware has definitely gone through a lot of changes to remain successful in this industry for so long.  The product line has expanded to include Armand Dupree, Nutrimetics, Avroy Shlain, Fuller, Nuvo, and Swissgarde, to name a few.  Tupperware still offers the old standards, but the continue to remain innovative in their market.

Tupperware As An MLM

Tupperware utilizes the direct sales method, using a party-plan technique.  Consultants can invest about $80 for a business kit, or upgrade to the executive business kit for about $120.  Consultants are required to make $250 in personal sales volume in the first four months of joining.  There is no inventory required, as Tupperware directly ships orders to the customers.

Their compensation plan offers consultants 25% – 35% commission for personal sales, based on your volume, but the quickest way to grow your business and increase your earning potential is to RECRUIT!  You can make 4% – 8% of your group volume.  As you climb the ladder of Tupperware’s leadership program, you are eligible for larger bonuses, commissions, and rewards.

One might be leary that the market is saturated BECAUSE of their longevity, but there are definitely people out there making COPIOUS amounts of money selling Tupperware!  There are PROVEN methods to growing your business, and they can work for you in Tupperware, or any other MLM, for that matter.

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