Primerica – Unbiased 3rd Part Review

Finally, How You Can Succeed with Primerica

Without Breaking the Bank or Chasing Away ALL Your Family and Friends

Unbiased 3rd Party Review of PrimericaChances are if you are reading this now you’re either A) involved with Primerica Financial or B) You’re looking to work with Primerica; either way you need to get the right information.

This article provides an unbiased 3rd party review on Primerica based my 15+ year career in direct sales and network marketing experience

Even better, I’m not even going to try to cross pitch you into another network marketing company.

Primerica Financial Services launched in 1977.  Primerica’s Mission Statement: Help families become properly protected debt free and financially independent. 

Primerica “teaches how money works” to everyday people.  They offer such services as finance education, debt solutions, income projection, life insurance, and pre-paid legal services.  Primerica went public in April, 2010.

The low start-up cost to become a representative is a plus.  The one time fee is $99, and this helps to cover state licensure and a background check.  Primerica offers a money back guarantee (minus a $30 processing fee) within 120 days.

The first part of the job is scheduling appointments with prospects that have shown interest in learning about investment products.  A Financial Needs Analysis determines what products and services are appropriate for an individual.  Income is drawn by marketing the services as well as from residuals.

You can also draw income from Primerica through recruitment into your sales team. This allows potential growth and sets Primerica apart from most other companies.

What sets Primerica apart in the industry?  It’s their MLM style business model that makes direct sales personal to each individual, and allows for face to face and in-home presentations to prospective clients.  Primerica believes in financial education for consumers.

Primerica representatives are fully trained and licensed Financial Advisors.  Primerica also provides training on approaching your warm market and referral generation.  If Your Primerice Represenative Reviewyou aren’t comfortable working your warm market, you aren’t going to find it easy to maintain a sufficient income with Primerica.

If you make the decision that Primerica is the business for you, a necessary step in your success is to seek training for Internet Marketing.  Combining training and comprehension of online marketing will give you the competitive edge needed for success with Primerica.

The challenge (CONS):

Primerica’s website comes off more as a brochure than an intro to a business opportunity.  It’s definitely not where you send your prospects on the initial contact.  There isn’t much information offered in regard to the opportunity portion of the business.

To Fully Embrace the Potential for Team Growth, You’re Going to Need to Master Various Internet Marketing Skill Sets to Achieve Lasting Success with Primerica.

Not only are you going to have to tap your warm market, you’re going to have to be certified to do so.  When selling insurance policies, you are obligated to obtain the proper licensure, and maintain continuing education.  There are monthly training classes, and they aren’t free, and…

You’re still going to face the negative stigma of Network Marketing when approaching prospects.

So the question is, is Primerica Financial good for you?  The truth is…  It depends….

I always suggest you make sure that regardless of what company or product you choose to promote, you are passionate about that industry.  Because here’s the bottom line, regardless of how great Primerica is, as a budding entrepreneur you are going to experience challenges along the way.

Regardless of how great the products or services are or how great the founders leadership is or how much potential the market has for growth you’ll never reach your 7 figure success without the proper training and know how on these 3 critical elements.

The 3 fundamental Keys You Are Going To Need  with Primerica Financial

(Or Any Company For That Matter)

This short video will explain what those 3 elements are and how you can get them to ensure you don’t risk a single nickel of your hard earned money.

Click here to discover those 3 elements now to help ensure your Primerica Financial Success.

(After all you’re in business to make money not lose money, right?)

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