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MyACN For Dedicated RepsYou either just signed up with ACN Inc or you’ve been promoting myACN without achieving the results you want.

Maybe you’ve followed your upline’s instructions to a “T” and/or even bought some outside training materials like an e-book, or an information product…

And you still just can’t seem to get your myACN Business off the ground

When you first signed up you were probably expecting to have everybody you know jumping out of their pants to give you their credit cards just to sign up and cash in on this huge opportunity.

Most people do but, I’m guessing it probably hasn’t happened that way, has it?

That’s because most people don’t focus on the proper market for myACN. And no, you’re friends and family are probably not in this market… But, I’m sure you’ve already figured that part out by now.

In this article I’m going to be covering how to select the proper market for your MyACN business.  This is by far the one area people do not focus on enough or they simply don’t understand how to do it correctly.

This leaves people scared of ACN Scams even if Donald Trump is involved.

MyACN Tips For Market Selection

When picking a market, we’re traditionally taught in network marketing to focus on our friends and family members, people we know, who like and even trust us.

Therein lies the problem for many folks, the number of people that we know who trust our suggestions and recommendations are very few.

First, you need to realize that you are either viewed by your family and friends from either a subordinate positioning or an authority position. Let me explain what I mean.

A doctor who goes to his family and friends with some type of medical related product or service that can benefit their health, is going to be viewed as an authority on that subject matter, quite frankly, because they’re a doctor.

However, if they start going out and issuing advice on how to fix a car, when they themselves know nothing about a vehicle, then they’re no longer an authority, they’re a subordinate.

Suddenly they’re viewed as a subordinate that specific subject. Thus their suggestions and recommendations don’t have the same impact that they would in their actually field of knowledge.

So what about you and I? The reality is that when we’re told to go out and target our friends and family, we are automatically viewed as a subordinate unless, they know we have experience with the information we’re showing them.

Quite frankly, parents always look at their kids as subordinates, no matter how much more the kids might know about a particular subject than them.

So it’s important that you realize, out of your friends and family, who view you as an authority and who view you as a subordinate. Depending on your level of experience on any given subject determines whether people are going to view you as an authority or a subordinate.

Becoming an authority on any subject really isn’t all that hard. You simply have to consistently share more knowledge on a subject than they already know.

So the first rule of market selection for ACN reps is concentrating on people who view you as an authority. This is what I call the “Low Hanging Fruit“. These people will take your word and follow it much more aggressively than someone who views you as a subordinate.

Next, you’ll want to pick people who have a want for what it is you have to offer, not a need for MyACN.Targeting Your Market for MyACN

Now this is critical because too many times in network marketing we’re sold on the idea that the entire universe needs to purchase our products and services because our industry is a billion dollar industry and myACN is a billion dollar part of a billion dollar industry.

However, that billion dollar industry is shared by several products, programs, and services.  This means a lot of competition.  A lot of people fighting over the same market.  Targeting the same people and spinning off similar offers to attract more customers.

I know what  you’re thinking but, it’s still okay. There is plenty of money to be made within your myACN business.

The challenge becomes identifying which folks in your group of people that you know are people who will want what it is you have to offer and be the easiest folks for you to actually get involved with the product, services, or opportunity.

Yep, I just told you to prejudge.  Most ACN uplines say not to prejudge because this will increase how many people you talk to and ultimately increase the odds of someone interested in MyACN stumbling across your path.  This is not the way most businesses build a lasting brand in today’s market place.

When you start selecting the people you talk to based on their level of interest, you’re going to be saving yourself a bunch of time and making yourself a bunch of money.

Think about it…

How easy would it be for you to enroll a new representative, if they were already looking for something just like MyACN?

Well here’s the easy way to pick those folks. Find people who are already purchasing products and services that you have to offer from the group of people that you have authority over and make your recommendations to them.

Something else to keep in mind is, you don’t want to concentrate on promoting to somebody who’s struggling financially to keep their bills up to date month to month. No matter how great the opportunity is, if they can’t afford to participate in it, it’s not going to make them any money. Leave them alone.

Focus on marketing to people who have enough revenue to pay their bills on a monthly basis and have some extra income to be able to put towards what they like without worrying about spending 100 to 200 dollars a month. It’s not that big of a deal to them. These are usually your ideal clients or prospects.

I know what you’re thinking, “But what if I don’t know anyone who fits these categories?” Well, quite frankly, if you don’t know anybody that you have authority over, or if you don’t have anybody who is financially able to participate (for whatever reason)…

Then you are going to need to learn to find and then, promote your products or services to people that do fit the categories of your MyACN business. Simple as that.

That’s exactly what I’ve been helping people do for the past 15+ years. Once you finally understand how to choose the right market, then that low hanging fruit sticks out like a sore thump. You can see it a mile away and walk right up to it and pick whatever you want whenever you want it.

It’s not hard, it’s just not what most people are taught because, most people don’t know how to do it…

And even less know how to do it effectively.

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