MLM Training: MLM Slot Machines?

Hey Gang,

Just got back from the Vegas “No Excuses” summit (actually about a week ago, but have been playing catch up ever since) and thought I’d share some of the videos I shot while there.

The first I’ll share is actually one of the last videos we shot , but the subject is a great place to start…

“Are you treating your MLM Business like a Las Vegas Slot Machine?”

To many network marketers treat their business opportunity like a game of chance. They put their money in, pull the handle, watch the bars roll and pray they get lucky.

The truth is, if you want to get long term results from your MLM, you need to treat your home based business like a home based BUSINESS!

This short Training video will help explain why it’s so important to take your business seriously and how you can start to increase your enrollments the minute you do.

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