8000 MLM Recruiting Techniques, Master of None…

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I’m a martial arts FANATIC, as I’ve mentioned about a billion times.  Mastery of any martial arts skills and mastering your marketing approach have a lot in common.

Here’s what you need to know in order to master your recruiting process…

You CAN can become too zealous when it comes to learning!

When I started martial arts classes, years ago, I went in with dreams of being the next Bruce Lee or Jet Li!  I was ready to learn ALL of the fancy moves that wowed me so much on-screen.  The school I attended offered a diverse selection of techniques to learn, and I signed up for EVERYTHING.  I wanted to know it ALL!  My goal was to become as well rounded a martial artist as I could become, and I felt that encompassed learning EVERYTHING there was to learn.

As a result, when I sparred, I used everything in my arsenal to win.  I became frustrated when, to my surprise, I wasn’t getting exceptionally good at any of the techniques I was using.  My instructor pulled me aside told me that he saw my potential, but I needed one basic concept:

You can study 8,000 different techniques, but by mastering NONE of them, you are ineffective when it comes time to use them.


You can master a few techniques, repeat those same few 8,000 times, and they will work for you on a more consistent basis.

Want to know how to put this philosophy to work in your business?  Watch the video below!

Don’t settle for being good at what you’re doing.  Get GREAT at it.
You simply can’t master everything at once.  Focus on a few strategies at a time.  You’ll have measurable results, be able to refine your process, and make success a consistent result!


What do you want to get good at?

What is it that you believe you should be focusing on to make this year your biggest year to date?

Comment below with your answers or any questions you may have!

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2 Responses to 8000 MLM Recruiting Techniques, Master of None…

  1. gregory smith August 24, 2012 at 3:59 pm #

    This is what I took from the Martial Arts also and from Bruce Lee. Specially the concept of Jeet-kune-Do. Alot of Network Marketing either looking for the new toy to market or their become a slave to what their learning. I always tell newbies each companies system is a foundation for you to learn from just like Martial Arts it not the style or the product its you learning the system to build form. Some need to evolve some need to master what they have. Bruce Lee always said be like water. Take what useful and disgard the rest. And that going to be different for each in Marketing and in Martial Arts.

  2. Gregory smith August 24, 2012 at 3:47 pm #

    This also what I tell even veteran marke. What learned
    Martials and Bruce Less jeet-kune-do which was a concept
    Of adding and chipping away the inessential . Don’t become a slave to a system learn the system master techques but use what is useful and disgard the rest. And that’s going to be different for each us. This the same approach I take with marketing. Which I’m finding some results with blogging and video blogging.

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