What You Should Learn From Kodak’s Fail

Chapter 11 BankruptcyAs most everyone is now aware, Kodak is in bankruptcy.  Some of the events that ushered them into this financial crisis can be explored, studied, and avoided in your own business.

Kodak invented the digital camera.  Yay, digital!  Then they decided to steer away from that market and actually decided to shift their focus to their printer division…

What?  That Doesn’t Even Make Sense!

While the public demand for digital cameras has soared, Kodak’s head-in-sand-ostrich approach left a wide gap for other companies to fill, and fill it they did, leaving Kodak in their dust, so to speak.

Kodak held too strongly to their old tried and true, however outdated processes.  No matter how oblivious you are to change, it’s going to happen – with or without you!  Don’t be afraid to learn new technological advancements.  Failure to update your approach could land you in a “Kodak Moment” you DON’T want any part of!

old school marketingSure It Works, but…

I have to admit it, the old school marketing techniques such as direct selling, door to door sales, referral systems, and talking to friends and family WORK.  More and more of your successful earners, however, are employing technological advances to their advantage in their marketing campaigns.
In this Morning Marketing Tip video, I’ll break this down and explain how to leverage technology to allow your prospects or customers to identify themselves -vs- having to chase them down possible dead ends!

If I told you there was a way to bypass the unqualified cold calls, minimize the amount of personal contact, all the while maximizing your results, wouldn’t you jump at the chance?

No one expects you to know everything about everything!  Not tech savvy?  That’s okay!  Find a process that works for you, learn the basics, and perfect THAT process.  Don’t move on to another method until you have mastered the first.

I’ve culminated everything you need to succeed in ANY MLM  into a finely tuned training program especially designed to help mlm teams and distributors achieve their absolute best!


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  1. Tom Bradley May 23, 2012 at 6:43 am #

    Thanks Greg,

    Kodak is a tragic story.

    You’re right that you’ll always be able to build a good business using old methods, but that there is leverage in getting ahead of the curve.


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