Kung-Fu Master Saves Young MLM Marketer’s Business By Nearly Killing Him…

Kung-Fu Master Saves Young Marketer’s Business By Nearly Killing Him…

In case you didn’t know, I’m an avid martial arts junky.

In fact I studied 8 years of Shao-lin kung-fu, which pretty much consumed my every waking hour of every day. (it’s also how I got the haircut 😉

I admit, I was pretty good, too.

I took to it like a fish to sushi.

In fact, some of the senior black belts saw some potential in me and one of them pulled me aside and gave this warning…

“Greg, you’re good. But there’ll come a day when you’ll get hit so hard, you’re gonna think you’re gonna die.

“I promise, you won’t, it’ll just take a few minutes to feel “normal” again.

“The problem is, after you come back from that place, you’re going to question why you take the art.

“You’ll think about quitting, and never coming back.

“The truth is, most of our students who hit this wall, quit. And there’s nothing I can say now that will help you with that decision.

“I just want you to know,  this will be the hardest thing you’ll ever experience in your career as a martial artist, every senior belt goes through it, and those that survive it, go on to be great fighters.

“I hope you can get through it, because we’d hate to see you go.”

And just when I was about to say “I’ll never quit” he stopped me, got up and left.

Sure enough, a few months later I was in a group round of sparring, 5 guys sparring each other randomly (no alliances just a free for all).

One of which was a senior black belt by the name of Randy. Tall, lanky, and a natural brawler.

He and I had history. (But that’s another story)

So I decided while he was facing another opponent I’d sneak in and sweep him. (Tee hee)

Unfortunately, he knew exactly what I planned and landed a mule kick to my sternum, sending me flying 4 feet in the air, landing in (and breaking) a weapons rack of swords, spears and kwan daos. ->

My chest constricted the air from my lungs, my body went completely limp, & panic set in.

I was dying. I was sure of it.

Just before the darkness took me, I remembered what my instructor told me, and somehow calmed myself, still couldn’t breathe but I slowly brought myself out of the panic attack and back to sanity.

Eventually I was able to take some shallow breaths and the pain in my chest dulled to a bearable throb.

The round ended and Randy immediately came over to check on me. (What a sweetheart ;).

I lied and said I was fine, but he and the other
senior belts knew by looking at me…

…it was decision time.

Fight or flight.

I sat for a long time.


And, as was prophesized, I asked…

What the HELL am I doing?!?”

“I pay money, and time to come here and get my ass kicked? What’s wrong with me?”

“This is not only stupid, it’s dangerous and I’m an idiot for doing it!”

“I quit!”

I was just looking for a way to walk out the door without looking too much like a wuss.

It was decided; I was leaving and never coming back.

And after a few minutes, I slowly got up, bowed…

…and walked over to join my belt level to participate in the next lesson.

The black belts all nodded recognition of my decision, there was a new respect earned.

One that could never be explained in words, only through experience.

And when I achieved senior belt status myself, I gave the same warning to every new student who showed potential.

Sadly, most quit, but for those that stayed they became brothers and sisters of a fraternity bonded by blood and determination.

Why did I stay?

Simple really.

Because I had someone to mentor me through the doubt and pain, I realized If that was as bad as it got, then I knew I could handle everything else.

So why do I share this long-winded story with you?

What does it have to do with your home based business?

Simple really…

The truth is business, martial arts, Hell,
life in general, are pretty much the same.

The principals that govern one, work just as well in the others.

And as hard as that kick I got from Randy was all those years ago, I’ve been kicked 10 times harder by my business (more often too.)
But I’ve survived, the “learning” years, and now have built colossal businesses since, just because I REFUSED to quit.

Now, as much as I’d love to tell you that your path to success in MLM will be a wonderful bed of roses, the truth is… it’s not.

Eventually (if it hasn’t already happened) you’re gonna get “hit”, and you’ll get laughed at and ridiculed, you’ll feel depressed, angry, stupid, and you’ll ask…

“Why did I join this stupid, business? There’s no way I can be successful.”

And, unfortunately, this is where most people quit.

Which is a damn shame.

And I’t not what I want for you because I see great potential in you to be a top-gun marketer…

…If you can stick to it.

So if you haven’t gotten my point, let me be 100% clear…

I see potential in you… Don’t give up, never surrender, and if you ever find yourself sitting in the corner, questioning your decision to work for yourself, remember…

You CAN do it, just take a deep breath, control the panic, and focus on a DIFFERENT way to get to your goals.

The other senior marketers, and myself will be waiting for you on the other side of the challenge…

To Your Success…

Greg Gomez III
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  1. Greg Gomez III June 4, 2010 at 10:29 am #


    I didn’t expect the reaction to this original emails subject and message received.

    Many people shared their personal war stories of being “kicked in the stomach” by their business, and how their determination and resolve helped them stick with it…

    Unfortunately these were all in email format, and as inspired as I was I wanted to share these with the rest of the group.

    So here’s would you need to do…

    I’d love to hear about the personal challenges you’ve had in your business, the frustrations, the roadblocks, the “nay-sayers” and most importantly Why you’ve decided to stick with it in this industry.

    Comment Below

    To Your Success…

    Greg Gomez III


  1. Phil - September 15, 2011

    I’m impressed, I have to say. Rarely do I encounter a weblog that’s each educational and entertaining, and let me let you know, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

    Thanks for the post!

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