FHTM Scam: The Worst Objection Ever

Follow These 3 Simple Steps To

Overcome The ‘FHTM Scam’ Objection.


FHTM Scam AlertNothing steals the thunder of an FHTM distributor more than someone asking if FHTM is a scam they’ve heard so much about on the news in the last few months. Depending on how you react to this question, will dictate whether you’ll have a new distributor signed up in your business or another person running from the room, screaming “Pyramid Scheme!” at the top of their lungs.

This brief article outlines for you three ways to overcome the FHTM Scam objection and how you can constantly recruit no matter what question they have about FHTM.

FHTM Scam Tip #1

Your prospect more than likely, just doesn’t understand. If your prospect at this stage is asking you if FHTM is a scam or not, it’s probably because you’ve done a poor job up until now of explaining what the services are and how it could benefit them.


You’ve talked all about the opportunity and how this is the best way to make real money fast. Then to top it all off, the person on stage has done this exact same thing over and over again. As a result, all your prospect hears is a promise of big dollars but no real substance behind it on what it will actually take to be successful in the business (as we all know there is no such thing as get rich quick).

The more you’re self messaging portrays that the more skepticism your prospects will have and the more they’ll consider your FHTM business a scam. The solution, be sure to make the business opportunity less “get rich quick” and more business oriented.

This will ultimately minimize the hype and diffuses most of the skepticism.

FHTM Scam Tip #2

Don’t come back with the standard rebuttal, “everything’s a pyramid scheme,” with the boss at the top and the lowly employee down at the bottom. This is the old, tired rebuttal and it’s ineffective in today’s market place.

Understand that your prospect is scared (especially in today’s volatile market). When they are asking, “is FHTM a scam“, what they’re really saying is they’re scared because of all the different scams that are out there.

This is your opportunity not to immediately jump in with some pat response but to ask “why do you think it’s a scam?” This will help you to find the reasoning behind your prospects inquiry in the first place.

You see, when you can understand why your prospect is concerned or what may have triggered them to think of FHTM as a scam, you are more capable of diffusing the fear and skepticism at its core.

Your prospect simply doesn’t care if FHTM works, they care that it’s going to work for them.

When you address their questions this way, you’re dealing with the real issue and you’ll go much further to cure the skepticism of FHTM being a scam.

FHTM Scam Tip #3FHTM Scam

Instead of applying too much pressure… Relieve the pressure, relieve the “FHTM scam” tension.

You see, in this stage of the game, we get overly excited that our prospect might finally be signing up in our business but, It’s this eagerness that serves only to scare our prospects away from a mutually beneficial relationship.

If signing up one person is this much of a challenge, how difficult is it going to be for them when they join? Which relates back to tip #2 and increases their level of skepticism. The more skepticism they have, the more they’re gonna think that FHTM is a scam.

So whats the solution?

Unfortunately, there’s no short answer here. This comes with practice, training, and confidence. Knowing how to direct the prospect’s questions and concerns based on their wants, needs and desires.

How do you do that?

By having a set process that allows you to have more than enough prospects and candidates for your FHTM business. This way, it doesn’t really matter if this person signs up or not. When you have an ongoing stream of fresh prospects and interested candidates to sign up in your business opportunity, it will give you more confidence than just about anything else.

The more confidence you have, the more confidence your prospects will have and the less likely they’ll think that FHTM is a scam.

How do you get this confidence and how do you develop a system that brings you consistent prospects on a regular basis?

I just created a free report that explains these four key factors you need to have in place in order for you to have all the confidence you need in your FHTM business

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3 Responses to FHTM Scam: The Worst Objection Ever

  1. Kirk January 1, 2012 at 9:56 pm #

    Hi Greg,

    I actually bought your MLMblueprint a few months ago to hopefully help me in my FHTM business. I was truly excited and started watching right away….got through about half of it and then I let my focus wander. I was fooling around online and found yet another “guru” who was going to solve all my problems and make me rich…lol…still waiting on the rich part. Any way I went in whole hog with replicated web sites…auto responders…click bank …microsoft adcenter..etc..etc..etc after another 4-500 dollars wasted I am exactly where I was when I lost focus on your program…getting nowhere and a few hundred dollars poorer. So I have made a decision, today is Jan 1 2012 and I am embracing your system 100%. WHY? Because after watching and listening the past few days I realized your system is the same system that has brought me to other MLM opportunities. By reaching out to the masses by using teleconferencing calls and talking to large groups over the phone at HOME makes miles of sense. I realize there is alot more to this system than just calling but I am committing myself to understanding it, through you, and making the damn thing work. I believe in FHTM and I know it can be sucessful I just gotta change my methods and learn a new set of rules,.

    thank you,

    Kirk Lane

    P.S you were right typing this out to you helps..it strengthens my resolve…thanks again

  2. Adele November 4, 2011 at 10:04 pm #

    Ah yes, nicely put, everyone.

  3. April October 24, 2011 at 4:58 am #

    You pretty much said what i could not effectively communicate. +1

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