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Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing Company ReviewFortune Hi-Tech Marketing (or FHTM) is a company that markets their products and services through the multi-level marketing industry. This article will give you an objective look at this business, their model, and still give you the best FHTM review possible based on my 15+ years of experience in the network marketing and direct sales business.

Even better, I’m not even going to try to cross pitch you into another network marketing company.

FHTM supports a type of business model (among other companies out there) that gives the every day “Joe Blow” from down the street the ability and opportunity to generate more income by leveraging the efforts of a team environment. This means, you get paid a commission not only on the new customers you introduce to FHTM but you also get to receive commissions on the new customers your team members introduce to the company, products, and/or services.

FHTM is available in the USA, Canada, and United Kingdom. They’ve been in business since  2001, so there’s no need to worry if they’re going anywhere.

Founded on the principles of Paul Oberson, a self made multi-millionaire, and his experiences in the MLM industry, FHTM has continued to expand their product lines and services for the past 10 years. No doubt you’ve heard rumors and maybe even read some articles on FHTM scams running around but, no matter how you feel about them it’s apparent they’re here to stay.

Fortune High-Tech Marketing Product LineFortune Hi-Tech Marketing Products

Their services and products include some the most well know fortune 500 companies in today’s market. By  promoting useful services such as Dish Network, Magazine.com, Digital Landing,  the Wireless Shop, and many others… FHTM is able to provide consumers with  well known brands to fill the needs of a stable market place.

Not only do they have some of the best services available today, they also have a line of beauty and health, weight loss, even pet food products.

To top it all off, the FHTM compensation plan even offers a discount travel portal to plan your vacations and “get-a-ways” at a cheaper price than you would elsewhere. Think of it as a ‘Group Vacation Plan’… Not everyone has to use at the same time but you get to enjoy the benefits of a large group.

FHTM believes that keeping their products and services broad allows people in any  environment the ability to create success through hard work and dedication. The idea here is to set up new customers with these Fortune 500 companies to earn a commission. In this way, they are providing an actual product or service in exchange for a monetary value, keeping them out of the illegal schemes we’ve all heard so much about.

Fortune High-Tech Marketing Income Opportunity

FHTM Compensation PlanThe income opportunity available for the independent distributors of FHTM allows each new rep the ability to generate a passive income from the comfort of their home. The FHTM Compensation Plan basically works out to benefit of the representative in two ways.

The first is by introducing new customers to a service or product that they are interested in or already using, and the second is by recruiting new distributors to promote FHTM’s products, services, and opportunity.

There is more than one way to sign up and enjoy the FHTM compensation plan. The first one is the most popular starts at $299 and this puts the new distributor at the “Manager” level where they are then able to start earning commissions off their new customer and distributor referrals. At this level they would earn a 2% – 20% monthly commission from their new referrals and $100 commission for every new “Manager” they recruit.

As the organization grows these referral commissions gradually increase.

At this point a distributor can decide to upgrade to (or sign up from the beginning as) FHTM’s “Trainer Program” where they are then given a $40 commission every time they finish training someone to promote FHTM. A distributor that later completes their CRT School (Certified
Regional Training) then earns $80 every time they train a new manager, instead of just $40.

Obviously, as the distributor move up in rank various overrides and bonuses increase the amount of money they are able to earn. The company even allows the distributors to earn a new Lexus every three years through the FHTM Platinum Car Program.

FHTM: Just the Facts Ma’am!Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing Review

Alright, so at this point we’ve talked a lot about the positive aspects of the company in this FHTM review. They’ve been around for years, they have products that people want, and they’re willing to pay distributors for the new referrals. While that’s all nice and good, there’s one piece that most small business owners in the MLM  industry are leaving out when they’re scouting out a new company’s opportunity.

It’s a question that very rarely gets answered and even more rarely gets asked…

“How do I find people who ALREADY want what I have to offer in FHTM?”

Look, FHTMUS is a great company, don’t get me wrong… but, like every other network marketing company, they aren’t giving you all the necessary tools and training needed to succeed in today’s market.

With the power of modern internet sites and strategies, you now have hundreds of ways to find and recruit new customers online (FaceBook, Google, twitter Just to name a few)…

…unfortunately, almost EVERY network marketing company (FHTM Included) is still training distributors to recruit using outdated, and ineffective techniques that haven’t worked since the early ’80’s.

Here’s the reality…

FHTM is great, but if you don’t know how to market to a large number of people who are “already” looking for your FHTM Products and Services then, it doesn’t matter how great the opportunity is, because you won’t be able to convert enough people into your teams…

“So what’s the solution, Greg?”  –  Here’s the bottom line…

…you see, I’ve been training people in the Network Marketing industry since 2003. During that time I have trained over 43,345 Top Level Producers in almost every major MLM Company on the market today.

Over that time I’ve discovered that TRUE networking success can be boiled down to 4 critical factors…

Get these 4 factors right, and recruiting into ANY business is a matter of ‘Childs Play’

Whether you are currently involved with FHTM or You Decide to join them, armed with these 4 factors you’ll dramatically increase your odds of success…

Why Am I telling you this?

…I’ve compiled a FREE video training that outlines the ENTIRE 4 factors you’ll need, in order to get your business off the ground and start producing results (significant results) in as little as 90 days…

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