FHTM compensation: How to break Through your FHTM compensation plan

Make the Most Out Of The FHTM Compensation Plan

How to Make Recruiting Easier, Present Your Offer Effectively, & Build Your Team For Long Term Success

How to Maximize The FHTM Compensation PlanThe FHTM compensation plan can be very lucrative if you structure your recruiting process and stack your organization effectively.

In this article I’m going to outline the top 3 things you must do in order to break through your FHTM compensation plan and maximize your residual checks.

FHTM Compensation Tip #1

Make recruiting easier. The most important thing to do in order to maximize your recruiting is to target folks who actually have a want, need and desire for what it is you have to offer.

Not just your opportunity.

Yes, everyone wants to make more money but, in my fifteen years of experience when you focus more on leading with your products and services first, to people who already have a want, need and desire for those products and services you drastically increase your likelihood that they will consume your products.

Regardless of what your up line says, you are more residual based when you have a numberTarget Your Prospect to Maximize The FHTM Compensation Plan of customers consuming your products every month, than you are if you just have a bunch of distributors consuming the products hoping to make money.

Your long term residual paychecks will come from customers habitually consuming your products, not recruiting distributors every 90 days.

So the big tip here is make sure you’re focusing on folks who not only want to make money (that’s everybody), but folks who are interested in your products and services first and foremost which leads to tip number two.

FHTM Compensation Tip #2

Present your offer based on your prospect’s needs.

This will maximize your conversion. Now, that you know who to go after, focus your message, presentation and offers based on what your prospects are looking for; not why you bought or signed up but why they want these products and services or opportunity and you will dramatically increase the level of conversion that you get.

This is the most important point I can make besides picking the right group of people to go after. When you focus your message to center on what your prospects would get out of this, you’ll dramatically increase your likelihood they would actually sign up with you versus doing things the way they are right now. Ultimately this type of targeting gives you more sign ups per week and allows you to maximize your FHTM compensation plan.

FHTM compensation tip #3

Build one leg at a time.

This is a big mistake i see most MLM Business owners doing. They try to build three or four legs at a time and see who’s gonna off to the races. Wrong.Maximize The FHTM Compensation Plan By Building Your Legs

You want to absolutely focus on one leg at a time build the depth to about three to five people deep. Work with that team until they are being effective in implementing your recruiting process then move on to your second leg.

Especially with the FHTM compensation plan, this is a critical step towards success because it stabilizes your team members in each leg, which leads to longer retention. Instability in your organization can literally cut your pay check in half overnight.

This is a little bit slower of a process, it will take between 90 days to 6 months to really build up a sufficient organization of 3 to 5 legs. The FHTM compensation plan isn’t just about getting the fast money, its about building something that’s gonna last for a long time.

This is how you maximize, this is the best way I’ve found to maximize your fhtm compensation plan but there is still one missing element…

Where do you get leads of people who are interested in what it is you have to offer?

I have compiled an entire tutorial video of where you can get leads of folks just like that for 10 to 20 cents a piece who are already interested in what it is you have to offer.

I’m gonna give you that video FREE so, be sure to watch it in its entirety, take plenty of notes as this is the fastest and most effective way for you to get leads right now regardless of your budget.

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