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6-Step MLM Business Blueprint – Step 3

6-Step MLM Business Blueprint:
Step 3: Power Prospecting
Let me just say this now…
If you do this one step correctly, it will account for 80% of your sales, and add as many as 10 people a week into your mlm business.
But true.
In this MLM Training video I lay out for you the 4 things you MUST do […]

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6-Step MLM Business Blueprint – Step 2

6-Step MLM Business Blueprint
Step 2: MLM Leads
MLM Leads, if there is one cry I hear from the masses of all network Marketers it’s a cry for MLM Leads.
“GREG!!! Where Do I Get  A List Of Serious People Who Already Want What I Have To Sell Them?!” -The Average Networker

Well Fear not, my weary MLM colleague…
In […]

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MLM Business Blueprint Step 1

6-Steps To MLM Success!
Hey Gang,
Here is the first installment of the 6 step MLM Business Blueprint overview Video Series. Let this serve as a “30,000” foot view of what the system is and how all the pieces  fit together.
What’s the first step?
Step-1: MLM Market Selection
One of the biggest things that is neglected in training for […]

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MLM Training: “Dropout” Case Study

Sorry for this, but this case study is no longer available.
The FTC has new testimonial  and endoresment guidelines that all marketers, both online and offline, must follow.

I’m still waiting to hear back  from our attorneys on how I can use my testimonials and case studies in my business.

I’ll try to re-post this as soon as […]

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ALERT!: Your MLM Opportunity Sucks!


Every day I get emails from folks that read something like this…

“Greg, it sounds like you’re a great marketer, you should really look at my opportunity because you could make a ton of money”

Sincerely, -Clueless Networker

You have to forgive me but this drives me up the friggin wall.


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