ALERT!: Your MLM Opportunity Sucks!


Every day I get emails from folks that read something like this…

“Greg, it sounds like you’re a great marketer, you should really look at my opportunity because you could make a ton of money”

Sincerely, –Clueless Networker

You have to forgive me but this drives me up the friggin wall.

Why? (Lean forward this is important)


Now don’t get me wrong, your companies’ products/services are great.

But what miss “clueless” doesn’t understand is that I’m a marketer (you are too).

And as marketers, our job is to be effective promoters of our programs.

But most network marketers don’t get this. We think all we need to do is talk to a few folks, share our material with people we know and they’ll just fall all over themselves trying to get give us money.

I’m sure you’ve realized by now, that don’t happen.

But alas, it’s not your fault…

Our company leadership brainwashes us into thinking that we’re in a billion dollar industry with only a small percent of the full market potential penetrated.

We’re told our opportunity is poised to be a rocket ship on the launch pad, counting down to financial Valhalla, and if we aren’t on board we’ll miss out on the large mountain of cash waiting for us after we talk to our friends and family members.

Unfortunately that’s total Bull$h!T.

The truth is if you’re a marketer that knows how to make cash appear when you want, you aren’t tied to “ground floor” opportunities or “billion dollar market potentials”.


The truth is; all that stuff just doesn’t matter.

You don’t need premiums or company contests to motivate you to make money. (That stuff is nice, but that’s not what motivates a real marketer).

You see…

If you know how to market effectively, then you’re able to target people who have a want for you services/products.

A real marketer can take that target group of prospects and then craft a compelling sales message that motivates that group of people to jump at your offer.

A good marketer, can become profitable (VERY PROFITABLE) in any market, regardless of what the “industry potential” is, regardless of the economy, and regardless of the product they chose to promote.

Let me give you a great example of this.

Remember the “Pet Rock”?

Terrible product! (It’s a rock in a box, for craps sake!)

But, those guys made a killing, selling millions of dollars worth of those rocks.


Because they know how to market.

The lesson I want to leave you with is this…

Stop chasing people around with your opportunity.

This tired approach is worthless unless you are able to show them you’re making money with it first.

Instead, focus your efforts on targeting a group of people who have a “want” for the benefits your product or service can provide.

How do you do that?

I’ll post a video soon that explains the entire process.

Till then, I’m off my soapbox.

Greg Gomez III

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