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A.C.N. Review:

Unbiased, 3rd Party ACN Review of What It Takes To Succeed With ACN

ACN ReviewChances are if you are reading this now you’re either A) involved with ACN or B) You’re Looking to work with ACN, either way you need to get the right information.

This article provides an unbiased 3rd party review of ACN based on my 15+ year career in direct sales and network marketing experience

Even better, I’m not even going to try to cross pitch you into another network marketing company.

Just the Cold, Hard Facts So, You Can Succeed With A.C.N.

ACN (American Communications Network) is based out of Concord, NC, and calls themselves “…the largest direct seller of telecommunications services.” This MLM is now located in 20 different countries around the world.

ACN services include digital telephone service, high speed internet, satellite TV, traditional local and long distance service, wireless services, and the Video Phone. They also provide natural gas and electricity plans within limited areas.

Founded by network marketing veterans Mike Cupisz, Robert Stevanovski, and Greg Provensano in 1993, the company created a new platform for telecommunication direct sales. The products are already available and in current high demand by the public, with the exception of an original product which only enhances the services offered, the Video Phone.

It doesn’t matter if you already have a service provider. ACN can work with your existing service to upgrade plans and extend contracts. ACN works with virtually any wireless phone or plan available.

ACN has even been endorsed by Donald Trump, and featured on an episode of Celebrity Apprentice.ACN Review on Celebrity Apprentice

Classified as an MLM due to the 7-tiered payment structure for their distributors, residual incomes are built by creating an ever-growing network of distributors and consumers who love A.C.N. products and services.

So the question is, is ACN good for you? The truth is… It depends….

I always suggest you make sure that regardless of what ever company or product you choose to promote you are passionate about that industry. Because the bottom line is, regardless of how great ACN is, as a budding entrepreneur you are going to experience challenges along the way.

Being passionate about what you’re promoting will help keep you motivated and focused when challenges arise and try to distract you from your goals.

Regardless of how great the products or services are or how great the founders leadership is or how much potential the market has for growth you’ll never reach your 7 figure success without the proper training and know how on these 3 critical elements.

These are the 3 fundamental keys you are going to need if you are ever to have lasting success (whether that’s with ACN or any other company).

This short video will explain what those 3 elements are and how you can get them to ensure you don’t risk a single nickle of your hard earned money. (after all you are looking go into business to make money not lose money, right?)

ACN Review of Elements for Success

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