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ACN Business ServiceMost ACN associates struggle to bring in one or two associates and many of those folks will drop off within 90 days.  This obviously kills the residual income aspect of the ACN business.

So what’s the solution?

In this brief article you’re going to learn the most important thing to focus on when promoting your ACN business in order to maintain that residual income.

What’s the secret?

Stop Promoting Your Business Opportunity & Start Concentrating The  Products Or Services.


This is a little known fact that most ACN reps don’t understand about building a long-term residual income.  The key to growing a business and earning that walk-away income is focusing first on selling the products and services.

Understand that each month your compensation is dictated or is calculated based on the number of people consuming the ACN services or products, not on the number of associates that you have that dropped out in the 90‑day time frame.

Initially, it is critical is for folks to concentrate on building large residual bases of people who are consuming those products and services.

Increase Your ACN Income

The More You Concentrate On Providing These Services To People Who Would Otherwise Need Them & Purchase Them…

 The More Stable A Residual Income You’ll Be Able To Build For Yourself.

This is not what ACN typically teaches, but it’s what ultimately works best.  One of the challenges people have are that because it’s not as glitzy, it’s not as glamorous, and it doesn’t follow the typical network marketing or the ACN network marketing model.

The reality is that by focusing on targeting people who would benefit from the services first, you do two things:

1.  You build your residual base much larger

2.  It makes it easier for folks to become associates when they are interested.  

Many times you’ll have folks come back who say, “ACN is great, and you said there was an opportunity.  How do I do that?”

Ultimately, when focusing on promoting the services, you have people that stick around three to five times longer than the average associate who only sticks around two to three months promoting the opportunity.

So the key to a large ACN residual income is to focus on the products and services first.

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