6-Step Officialy Launched!

Not much of a post just wanted to let all our subscribers know, we are LIVE!

Head over to:


to learn how to get your hands on my 2 best modules

Module 1: Market Selection

How to Id the most responsive market to target with you products and services.

Module 2: Targeted Leads

Where and how to find the most targeted leads to promote your goodies to, by the thousands, for less than 20 cents a piece!

What are you waiting for?

This is the exact same stuff I’ve used to add over 247 people a week into my business and I’m “giving” it to you for the price of one!


I’ll see you on the inside 😉

Greg Gomez III
greg (at) 100kmlm.com

One Response to 6-Step Officialy Launched!

  1. Kevin Ferrari July 16, 2009 at 1:35 pm #

    Hi Greg, I am a Dream Team student and I love your class! I just happened to hear you mention this site in one of your recordings. I watched the top video and listened to your interview of Pat. Both were extremely enlightening! It sounds really exciting.

    But, I have several questions before I can decide:
    1) How does your course relate to (or compliment) the Dream Team training? What do you provide that I wouldn\’t get through the Dream Team? Can I easily do both simultaneously? I know you differ from Gino and Terry philosophically in some areas, but do you subscribe to the belief that a person needs to focus on selling one-on-one over the phone first and then move to the Internet, or does your course focus more on using technology, like Mike Dillard\’s Magnetic Sponsoring course?

    2) A business associate and I recently bought Magnetic Sponsoring and Dillard\’s Traffic Formula system. What is your (obviously biased, but that\’s OK) opinion of how your system compares to Dillard\’s?

    3) I am in Market America and Prepaid Legal. I recently paid a leads company for 500 Biz Opp names. I was thinking of trying to market the Dream Team course initially, instead of my MLM companies because I can make up to $1300 a pop on a $2500 sale, versus $200 for signing up a Prepaid Legal associate. This would enable me to get more cash quicker to keep things going. But, in this economy, would it be better to stick with a much less expensive product, or should I just expect to go through 2 to 3 times as many leads to make the same $1300?

    4) You implied in the top video that you offer several MLM companies to your prospects. My business associate and I represent different companies and thought about pooling our efforts together and offering each other’s company to prospects, so that we would have multiple offerings. Do you show your students how to offer more than one company without confusing prospects?

    I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE A REPLY, KNOWING THAT I AM ASKING A LOT OF QUESTIONS UPFRONT. I am highly motivated to make something happen in the next few weeks!

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