MLM Cinco De Mayo, A Recruiting Story

Happy Cinco de MayoGreg   Gomez III

Just in case my last name didn’t give it away, I am a
Hispanic man…

…And before you ask…
  • Yes I live in Arizona
  • And NO we’re not going to talk about the new immigration law passed in AZ. (don’t get me started…)

Now, most people assume I’d celebrate Mexican independence by breaking out the tequila, turning up the mariachi music, and dancing the night away singing Mexican “hurtin” songs.

But seeing as how I’m not much of a drinker and barely speak Spanish (just enough to get “slapped” 😉 I’m going to tell you an interesting “Mexican” recruiting story instead…
At the tender age of 18 I was introduced to my first networking business and promptly decided EVERY member of my family needed to get into this opportunity while the getting was good.
Now understand, up until now I was a “skater” kid, complete with baggy pants and long hair (yup, I used to have hair).

But when I promoted to family members, I’d get dressed in a pressed shirt and tie, break out the presentation flip chart and promptly go through the opportunity pitch expecting to get a new sign up.

To my surprise that didn’t happen.

In fact, the only thing I got was long, very uncomfortable, silence accompanied by a glossy-eyed smile.

And no matter how well I presented the material, I couldn’t get a sign-up to save my life…
At first, I chalked it up to my family being short-sighted and not able to recognize a great opportunity when they found one.

But not too long after my failed recruiting-fest, a few of the folks I’d pitched signed up in other opportunity, just like the one I was promoting.


They wouldn’t give me the time of day, but signed up with people they barely knew…
I mean c’mon I was family, right?

It wasn’t until years later (and l was a lot more skilled) that I understood the reason why they joined strangers instead of me, and after interviewing a few of my “kin”, they confirmed what I’d suspected…

Here’s the Point…

The reason my family didn’t join my business was because… “They used to Change My Diapers!”

You see my family members; uncles, aunts, older cousins and grandparents, all used to change my diapers, watched me cry over not getting a piece of candy, they watched me grow up, get into fights at school, and most importantly…

They knew me as that silly skater kid, that listened to heavy-metal, hung out on the corner with my degenerate friends, and wore pants around my knees, NOT a person who could lead them to financial independence.

And when I came “recruiting” it didn’t matter how I dressed. All they saw was my pants on the ground (pants on the ground, looking like a fool, with my pants on the ground…).
You see, they’d already made their mind up about me and no manner of “cleaning up” was going to change that.

And that’s also why you have such a hard time, promoting to your family and friends.
Regardless of how great your opportunity is or how well you present the business, your friends and family already have passed judgment on you.

Think of it like this…

If a person pulled up to your house driving an ’83 Datsun, rusted front fender, and smoking like a chimney what judgment would you pass?

You probably wouldn’t believe them to be “affluent” right? (Be honest.)

They could be millionaires, but we don’t think that because of our “perception” of wealth.
Side note: I’m not telling you the way its “supposed” to be, I’m telling the way we humans think. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, their broke.

So when our family members see us struggling to get by and then we show up at the bar-b-que with a way to make a mint, do you blame them for not taking us seriously?

Alright Greg, so how do I find people who won’t look at me like I have three heads and will take my offer seriously?

Simple, Leave family and friends alone, and promote to folks who haven’t had a chance to pass this judgment on you.

Here are the three things I did to turn my recruiting around…

  1. Many years later I found that by leading with my products and services, to highly targeted, “cold” prospects, I was able to help shape the judgment that was passed on me as a trusted adviser and expert.  This made it MUCH easier to recruit.
  2. Next I learned how to generate my own leads online and pre-position myself in my prospects mind before I picked up the phone which made the recruiting process even easier.
  3. Finally I learned how to systemize the entire process as to teach others in my business to do the same things, which freed me from the day-to-day recruiting activities and allowed me to concentrate on managing the direction of my business. (Working ON my business vs. working IN my Business.)

What was the result?

Well once I mastered this approach I built a team that added over 247 people EVERY WEEK into my group, and have been the #1 recruiter for EVERY business I’ve worked since.
Great for me, but how do you create the same results in your current business?

In the M.L.M. Business Blueprint I lay out my entire current marketing funnel, what’s working for me now to get positioned leads for F.R.E.E online, and what skill sets you need to master in order to be effective, whether you’re brand new or a full time networker looking for a way to break through to the next compensation level.

Sweet Revenge…

As I write this, some of those family members are in town for a visit, and even though my new Infinity m35x is in the garage of my remodeled home and my “workday” consists of enjoying time with my 1 year old son and typing a little letter to you…

They still only think of me as the comedian and don’t really take me that seriously, but every now and then they ask…

“So how’s business?”

I just answer, “it’s better than working for a living ;)”

If you’d like to know what that feels like, Head over to :

And get your copy of the mini-training course that outlines it all.

Till next time…

Warmest Regards & Bigger Checks…

Greg Gomez III

P.S. To all My Manic Hispanics (and Mexis at heart), Happy Cinco, be safe and Have a Great Day…

P.P.S. One last thing…

I’m sure you’re tired of all the M.L.M Guru hype, promising “magic” answers to 6-figure success, and if that’s what you’re expecting from me, I hate to break your heart but the truth is…

If you want success in your business, you’re going to need to work.

Not a little.


The M.L.M Business Blueprint, is not a “Get Rich With No Work” program.

It’s a complete walk-through of every piece of my recruiting system I’ve used to become the number one recruiter in EVERY business I’ve joined in the last 7 years.

If you’re not afraid of a little work, and You’d like a proven blueprint of what a successful home business  needs to get you started…

Get to :

And take action now…

See you on the inside… GIII
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  1. Brandan September 13, 2011 at 6:55 pm #

    It is Amazing! Thanks.

  2. Adley September 12, 2011 at 9:26 am #

    Great post. I was looking at this web site and I’m impressed!
    Thank you so much and all the best.

  3. christian July 27, 2010 at 6:18 am #

    great blog mate.
    i’ll look into it. earth cruel

  4. jeff Miller May 18, 2010 at 5:59 pm #

    Hi Greg
    Please call me or email
    I have something that is going to change the Hispanic groups in the US
    I have the largest group of Hispanic’s in my team today and things are going to change.
    Jeff Miller

  5. Sharlene Stevens May 11, 2010 at 10:32 pm #

    Hey Greg…

    I loved this article…It was a great way to look at marketing to your family and why it’s so hard to get anywhere with them.

    Although I do have 2 of my sister working with me now, but it took me a while with one of them 🙂

    It also took me a while to figure out that not everyone is cut out to be an Entrepreneur, and I don’t waste time trying to convince anyone anymore.

    Thanks for sharing,

  6. Adrian Morgan May 6, 2010 at 5:55 am #

    The phoenix suns also changed their uniform to Los Suns in support of the celebration of Cinco De Mayo,,

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