2013 Resolution Help

New Years Resolutions: Take 6

New New New New New Years Resolution

Why Your New Year Commitments May
Have Already Failed…

And 3 Quick Tricks to FINALLY Get Them to
“Stick”, Once & For All in 2013…

See if this sounds Familiar…

New Years Eve, a buddy at our dinner party says…

“it’s ok that I have an extra piece of pie, I have the ‘Insanity’ work out DVDs and I’m starting January 1st…”

(Which is the next day)

“I’m going to hit it hard this year and finally lose the weight…”

Well, here we are a couple of days after the 1st, and those DVD’s are still unopened…

Sound Familiar?

So Why Do Resolutions Fail?

Truth is “resolutions” mean change. And “change” for most is scary and hard because of one thing…


You see, we’re habitual creatures…

When we’re in the habit of doing things, we tend to stay in those habits, and the results we experience are the sum of months of small “Insignificant” decisions we’ve made up until now…


– “It’s just ONE extra piece of pie…”

– “I’ll make those prospecting calls tomorrow because (Fill in the excuse)…”

– “Skipping just 1 workout won’t hurt…”


Those decisions were easy to make:

For many, making the “right” choice can be damn-near impossible (Especially if the right choice is an extreme change from your current habit like, recruiting super stars when you’re terrified of prospecting.)

So How Do You Make Your 2013 Resolutions “Stick”?

TIP 1: Small Measurable Adjustments Work Better Then “Life Transformations”

The easiest way to get the most from the January 1st “reset button” is to make the business adjustments small and something you can actually track over 21 days (measured and monitored commitments) versus grand transformations.

For example:

  • Making more prospecting calls Vs. Add 5 Leaders This Month.
  • Implement 1 new marketing Technique a week Vs. Master An Entire Marketing System (Which Causes Overwhelm).

  • Test 1 Small Solo Ad a Week for Under $100 Vs. Spend $500 dollars in Ads This Month.

When focus on smaller, trackable actions you give yourself a MASSIVE momentum shift to get started, which in turn can lead into “bigger” and more productive habits over time.

TIP 2: Create Specific “Short Resolutions” Which Can Create Fast-Action Momentum.

Another Big mistake many make is being too vague in how they’ll accomplish their new resolution, which can make taking action on their resolutions an insurmountable task to start.


  • Get More People to my next meeting. (too vague) Vs. Get and Dial 10 leads a day for the next 2 weeks.
  • Work My Business More Often (Too Vague) Vs. Create a Schedule of 2 hours a day to work business on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.
  • Make More Money (Way Too Vague) Vs. Earn an Extra $500 dollars a month or (A better way of thinking about it) sponsor just 3 customers & 2 team members every month (Or whatever equals that amount in your comp plan.)

TIP 3: Create Easy to Follow “Battle Plans” Vs. Elaborate (Complicated) Schemes Or (worse) “Fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants” No-Plan-At-All, Marketing.

This is probably one of the biggest “double-edge” killers of new year’s resolutions on the planet.

On one hand you have those that tell you to “build a detailed vision” for where you want to go in your business, and as a general rule this is GREAT to do every so often as it gives you a grander purpose and direction in your overall life goals.

Very important…

However this can also lead to creating a confusing, overwhelming, and often, too vague “Grand Vision” that is just too cumbersome to make happen for most.

Then, on the other hand, you have those that say, by making plans, you are only wasting time because what you’ll build will look very different then the team you think you will build.

I tend to fall middle of the road here.

Again a “Grand Vision” makes for a great emotional charge to your inner conqueror, but at the same time can become too rigid and impractical to put into full scale action, where as no plan at all will just leave you blowing in the wind from one strategy to the next and one opportunity to another.

The best suggestion I have is to create short “battle plans” that can act as a guide for your 2013 business adventures, and to develop strategic skill sets focused on helping you get better at recruiting “on purpose”.

For example, here is a loose battle plan for making more prospecting calls…

Day 1: Get a list of leads from XYZ list broker/online leads/warm list/(Etc).

Day 2: Pick up the phone and dial 10 numbers a day (that is all).Track Results and record audio of each call.

Day 3: Follow up with invitees and dial 10 new prospects.

Day 4: Repeat till list is complete.

Day 7, 14, 21: Review numbers and call recordings, identify weaknesses and make adjustments to scripts/techniques.

Day 21: Analyze Data, identify weaknesses in prospecting script, lead source or in delivery. Make adjustments and start next 21 day cycle.

By starting small and specific, you make the action more realistic to take, thus making the habit easier to start. Remember the key to creating top earning habits is to start small and stay consistent.

BONUS TIP! : Don’t Do It By Yourself!!!

Probably the best advice I can offer is to seek the support of others…

I mean c’mon, how many times have you told your spouse that “This year” was your year, only to see them roll their eyes (again).

It get’s frustrating when you’re all alone (uplines don’t count :P), but the truth is, they’re right.

Until you surround yourself with other like minded entrepreneurs (outside of your organization) and use that group to help keep yourself accountable, then you’re making it REALLY easy to kill those resolutions before you start.

So how do you find a group like this?

Well, all new for the 2013 season, we’ve just launched an awesome community on facebook that offers daily accountability, bi-weekly training calls to develop your skill sets, and an opportunity to have me personally walk you through each of the concepts and strategies of my newly updated MLM Business Blueprint…

You can learn all about it here:


So What Resolutions Did You Make?

– Make more money this year?

– Lose those unsightly 25 to 30 pounds?

– Meet someone special (not a psycho)?

– All of the above?

Take a minute and list your New Years Resolutions below, and let’s get the new year off to a killer start for you…

Warmest Regards, & Bigger Checks…
Greg Gomez III
P.S. Seriously, don’t mess around this year…
List your biggest focuses of the new year below, and hold yourself accountable to your dream starting today…

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  1. Robert January 6, 2013 at 1:47 pm #

    Awesome! Posted to my face book!!

  2. Joel Broughton January 3, 2013 at 5:55 pm #

    I\\\’m going to stick with it no matter what comes along next.. 🙂
    Maybe I should get a gold star board for myself…
    Seriously though, small measurable…you\\\’re absolutely right.

    What\\\’s yours Greg?


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