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MLM Sales Training: How To Get Prospects Excited

How to Get Prospects CRAZY-Excited
About Your Opportunity…
So you’ve got a fantastic product/service/opportunity and you want EVERYONE else to think it’s fantastic, too.
But how often have you tried sharing your new-enthusiasm with your prospects only to find they just aren’t seeing things the way you did?
Especially with the economy going the way it is, who […]

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A Review of FreeLife International

How To Succeed with FreeLife International
(or any MLM, for that matter!)
So, you’ve ended up here, with me.  This means that either you’ve joined FreeLife International, or you’re exploring the option.  Either way, you need the right information to start on a path to success.
This article provides an unbiased 3rd party review of  FreeLife based my 15+ […]

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AdvoCare International Review

Learn How to Reach Success With AdvoCare International
So, you’re looking to get involved with AdvoCare International, or you’re already involved, and want to know how to produce results with this company.
In this article, I’m going to give you an unbiased 3rd party review of the company, based on my 15+ years experience in direct sales […]

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MLM Training: 5 Steps To Eliminating Procrastination

Have you ever noticed that children have no problems watching the same movies or shows OVER, and OVER again?  Let’s take a closer look at what’s really going on when the DVD seems to be stuck on repeat!

When children watch the same things repeatedly they are committing them to memory.  In martial arts, the same […]

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Valentine’s & Marketing – How Good Does It Get?

I’ve got a Valentine’s Day secret that will guarantee your success with your little snuggly pooh! 
Ohhh yeah, your business too!~
2 Valentine’s Day Secrets to Help Make This Year The Best You’ve Ever Had
There are two critical factors experts say you should employ this and every Valentine’s Day that will guarantee you a big win […]

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