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Kung-Fu Master Saves Young MLM Marketer’s Business By Nearly Killing Him…

In case you didn’t know, I’m an avid martial arts junky.

In fact I studied 8 years of Shao-lin kung-fu, which pretty much consumed my every waking hour of every day. (it’s also how I got the haircut 😉

I admit, I was pretty good, too.

I took to it like a fish to sushi.

In fact, some of the senior black belts saw some potential in me and one of them pulled me aside and gave this warning…

“Greg, you’re good. But there’ll come a day when you’ll get hit so hard, you’re gonna think you’re gonna die.

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MLM Cinco De Mayo, A Recruiting Story

Now, most people assume I’d celebrate Mexican independence by breaking out the tequila, turning up the mariachi music, and dancing the night away singing Mexican “hurtin” songs.

But seeing as how I’m not much of a drinker and barely speak Spanish (just enough to get “slapped” 😉 I’m going to tell you an interesting “Mexican” recruiting story instead…

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