Welcome to 2014, Here’s How To Rock Your Home Based Business.


One of things that you can do to jump-start your recruiting and your home-based business in 2014 is to take time to reflect on all the things we did not complete in 2013.

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grandmaster the 225x300 Confession of A Black Belt Marketer...Grown-man Confession:

When I first joined martial arts when I was 18, I really joined to learn how to kick-ass…

…I fantasized about getting into fights and proving my might.

…winning the day, defending a girl’s honor, helping the weak, or protecting the innocent.

(I guess it was all the comic books I had read )

And I trained. Hard.

Every day, 4 to 6 hours each day.

And i progressed rapidly through the ranks.

From white belt to yellow in just 3 weeks. From yellow to blue in a few more, then to green in just another 6.

It was at this time (roughly 90 days in) that my self confidence was starting to inflate my ego.

- I was in the best shape I had ever been,

- I was regarded by my instructors as one of the most skilled “lower belts” the system had,

- and in sparring I was contending with hard-nosed black belts with relative ease.

This is where the confession comes in…

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Hey My friend…

In Today’s Home Business Training I outline how to take the most important aspect of your business and condition it to be a better leader, promoter and sponsor of action takers into your home-business by simply doing what so few are willing to…


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